# Introduction Welcome to my website for teaching. This semester I'm teaching [MTH 161 Calculus I](https://mathematics.miami.edu/undergrad/courses/index.html#MTH161). I may update my notes and upload additional notes as the semester goes on. If you have any questions, find errors or typos on the website, please feel free to let me know. You may find my contact information on the syllabus and on Blackboard. I hope you enjoy my course and have a wonderful semester, good luck! # Important Links - [Blackboard](https://www.courses.miami.edu/) - [WebAssign](https://www.webassign.net) - [Academic Calendars](https://registrar.miami.edu/dates-and-deadlines/academic-calendars/index.html) - [Final Examination Schedule](https://registrar.miami.edu/dates-and-deadlines/final-exams/index.html)